Sunday, May 01, 2005

Jason Mraz- You and I both

This song has no introduction which I think is good for my somewhat impatient mood this evening. This song doesn't even have any instrumental bridges or HUGE guitar solos that are so common with this silly singer/songwriter/guitar playing boys these days.
My good friend Jason is talking about a past relationship. He looks back on it happily because "you and I both loved, what you and I spoke of and others just read of. And if you could see me now, you would know that I'm almost finally out of words." The song is in major until he switches to minor for a short bridge to say that it's ok that she never calls and even though he's sad that she ended it...(changes to major)...He's glad that they loved at all. Such a sweet song.
Well, John Mayer was next on my Boys and Guitars playlist that I seem to have on permanent play, so I'm going to go enjoy him. :-)

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