Wednesday, May 11, 2005

serenade for strings, dvorak

this is the waltz form serenade for strings in E major- the melody at the beginning is pretty straightforward ( and very beautiful), with very romantic qualties. it's in 3/8, and is in the parallel minor key to start out. The main melodic motive is the 16th not "sol le sol fa me re do"The upper strings have the melody, while the lower voices have the accompaniment (2 eighths, eithe rest, etc...) The A section is a repeated double parallel period with 5 measure phrases, all ending on a pac- The next section after the exposition is development, and it modulates up to the major III- themes are constantly being reused- the exposition comes back 3 different times. The transitions to and from the different sections are seamless-it's beautiful. The ending is a huge suprise because it goes to the dominant key and ends on a huge PAC suddenly and very loudly

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