Wednesday, May 11, 2005

let's end this in style...

tchaik style.
tonight i will be blogging on the fourth movement of tchaikovsky's 5th symphony. now i'm not really going to talk about the form or anything, but i'm going to tell you a little about why this piece means so much to me. i'm feeling a little bit nostalgic tonight. it was the first symphony i ever read in youth orchestra--this was before i made the big kids group--i was probably in 8th grade. also, it was the first piece i ever had to transpose. and i didn't have my c trumpet yet, so i was transposing everything down a half step. back then, my mind just didn't work like that, but eventually i got the hang of it. i remember being so scared to play though, afraid i'd miss an accidental, and the big 10th grader who sat in front of me would always make me feel so stupid. but i'm pretty sure i showed him up when i played his solo (in the 3rd mvt) one rehearsal when he was sick. so anyway, what i'm getting at here, is everytime i hear that opening melody, it gives me this heroic sensation, and i feel so alive! that was incredibly cheesy, but you know you liked it.
peace out, advanced musicianship. you've made an ass out of me;)

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