Monday, May 09, 2005

Now the Green Blade Rises arr. John Sittard

This piece begins with a piano introduction that sounds like Reniassance flute music. It consist of a parallel period. It then goes into chords that seem to initiate the start of the melody. As anticipated, the hymn tune then follows. It is played very basic and simply for the first verse. The second verse makes use of arrpegiated chords in the bass line. Then the 3rd verse does something very shocking and is grounded by harmonic chords that sound very 20th centuryish and aren't tonal at all. This makes a very eerie effect. The next verse continues with the 20th century chords with no melody in piano. The melody is now played by flute. Then there is an interlude where the piano returns to the original dance like introductory theme. The flute plays a final theme from the melody and the piece ends with a baroque arrpegiation on piano. The greatest thing about this piece is that by adding the additional theme to the familiar verses the piece takes on a rounded binary feeling. I wish I had an arrangement of this piece. It really puts a person in high spirits.

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