Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I wrote about something classical... the world must be ending

Well, I wanted to go out in style and make this blog super wonderful. Unfortunately, I was in the PAC until 3 am working on my form paper... so this is going to be short, sweet and to the point, because I really need to go to bed. SO here ya have it... my last blog...ever. HOWEVER, for my last blog, I thought I would write about a classical piece. Just because. Maybe to annoy everybody that I did musical theatre all semester, and now for the last one I finally do something classical. Maybe because I am tired, I have sung this song, and it will be easy. Maybe just to throw you all off. Maybe because it's 3 am and I am no longer coherent... anyway.... here ya go.

"Liebhaber in allen Gestalten" by Schubert.

This piece begins with a fun accompaniment that is just full of character. It's mostly 16th notes and a few grace notes, which makes it extra bouncy and fun. It is strophic, so all of the verses are the same. The melody is actually pretty repetitive, and the pitches mostly go from do to sol or they are stepwise. However, there is a ri in the first phrase, so that's exciting. The accompaniment mostly plays 16th notes the entire time.
In order for this to be performed well, the singer must make each verse different through the use of dynamics and charcater. This is just a great little animated character piece that I love to perform. I also love the lyrics... I will give you the translation of the 1st and 3rd verses:
"I wish I were a fish, so agile and fresh, and if you were to catch me, I would not fail you. I wish I were a fish so agile and fresh. But I am as I am, so just accept me like this. If you want a better man, then have him made for you. But I am as I am, so just accept me like this."
Wow. Barbara sure does know me well to pick a song with this translation for me. Ha.

Ok I will stop torturing you with my rambling. As I was told earlier today, "Nice try, Katie."

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