Thursday, February 03, 2005

"You Make Me Feel So Young"

"You Make Me Feel So Young"
Michigan Jake

This song is a classic Barbershop Quartet. It uses many typical Barbershop methods to make it really catchy and something you can snap along to and won’t forget. The best spots of the song are at the cadences. These sensations are brought out by various techniques. There are long sustained notes through out that make you hold your breath for the next note, and the notes leading to it generally slow down in tempo. Another enhancing effect is from frequent changes in the density, as separate voices drop out or hold while others continue. Another is the use of motives at the end of the phrase to produce an echo effect. For example, in one part, you get somewhat final sound towards the end of a phrase, but then suddenly continue with an echo that gives a more finalized cadence. It is the variation that makes this piece so enjoyable to listen to, from different combination and movement in voices, rhythmic fluctuation, tempo changes, and changes in register.

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Scott Spiegelberg said...

I associate this song more with Frank Sinatra and various jazz singers.