Thursday, February 03, 2005

Somebody by Domestic Problems

This piece is done by a local band (local to Grand Rapids, MI) who I find very interesting. The main accompaniment to this piece is piano/keyboard. And in some places, there is a technique that is used to distort the voice to make it seem like it's being held out longer than usual. It almost has a chant-like feel to it because it keeps coming back to the same note in the melody. Recitation comes to mind. Like a chant, there are points where the melody wanders away from the recitation tone, but it ends up coming back. Most of the movement of the melody is neighboring up and/or down. The song is very simple, but beautiful. Also, the words that are in the song speak true to my desires in a soul-mate. It's a very calm, soothing piece. I enjoy all their music I've heard so far.

I apologize for any mistakes in this writing...we just finished the first day of recruitment...I'm sleepy.


Scott Spiegelberg said...

Is the recitation tone also the tonic note, or is it mi or sol?

Julia MacDonald said...

It is the tonic.