Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Music history already has me whipped.

i chose handels water music (the "overture" from the art of baroque trumpet vol. 1) as some gentle reading music this afternoon...
the melodies are passed from the trumpet soloist to the strings and back again. so in the opening, the trumpet plays the opening 8 measures ending on a half cadence, and then passes the same melody to the strings who also end on a half cadence. The trumpet plays a bar very stately, the strings echo quietly, and this pattern continues until they both end the phrase together in a perfect authentic cadence. mmmm yeah sounds pretty nice. it's baroque-y, so there isn't much variation in the chord progressions, meaning there's an abundance of I-V-I progressions.

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Scott Spiegelberg said...

Get more into your personal feelings about the music. Also, Baroque music can have a lot of harmonic variety, it is just trumpet music that was limited because of the diatonic nature of the natural trumpet.