Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nigel Kennedy

So today, while doing my Italian homework (so oggi, mentre faccio io Italiano compiti) I listed to Nigel Kennedy's greatest hits cd. (io ho ascolato di Nigel Kennedy's il piu grande 'hits' cd.) He is a violinst whom I really like. He plays alot of arragements, include Satie's Gymnopedie's and Debussy's "La fille avec les cheveux de lin." My favorite piece on his cd is an orginal called "Melody in the Wind." It has an incredibly catchy tune. My favorite part about it are the ambient sounds thrown in about half way through. I really like ambient sounds in music. It makes it more aplicable to life, and still simultaneous, highly sureal. Maybe that's why Radiohead and Badly Drawn Boy are two of my favorite artists.
Anyway, check out "Melody in the Wind," sometime, it's beautiful, and highly catchy.

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