Sunday, March 12, 2006

over 16 hours of music listened too this week...

that's right. I have driven over 16 this week in dealing with a family illness and since I listened to music the entire time, I will attempt to touch on most of it.
I started out driving last Sunday night listening to Jeff Buckley. He is an amazing singer songwritter. His high tenor vocals soar over rocking electric guitar. His cd "Grace" is on my top five album list. Check it out.
Then I don't really remeber what I put on. I think I might have just listened to the radio for a bit, everything from classic rock to country.
On my way back to DePauw on Tuesday night I stoped about half way and bought a new cd from a Starbucks. Antigonie Rising to be exact. An all girl band. I don't know if I really like it yet. It reminds me of Melissa Ethridge with more back ups.
I then listened to an all time favorite, Radiohead. Radiohead is by far my favorite band. I find their music so intelligent and beautiful. Yay for them.
Wow I'm so tired right now, this is getting quite loopy.
Then some Dave, "Crash", which I believe to be the bands best album.
Then on Friday when I drove up again I listened to Carlise Floyd's Susanna, in preperation for Concerto's. It's a great opera. Then I listened to a pop cd mix from Feburary, 2004 which included such hits as Brittney Spears "Toxic," and The Darkness's "I Believe in a thing Called Love."
Today on the way back I listened to Guster's "Parachuttes" on a loop till I could pick up WGRE.

So I think 16 hours of music should possibly make up for me missing a blog last week?

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