Monday, February 06, 2006

Modest Mouse; Good News for People Who Love Bad News

Well so I suck and I forgot to write my first blog. So here's this weeks blog, on Monday, so I won't forget. This album is very unique. It has some echos of Radiohead but the voices remind me alot of The Stokes. I really love the chrous numbers. Well I don't know if it's all the band members or just one singers layered. But it sounds like a bunch of people are singing. Overall the melodic material isn't very complicated, but combined with raw guitars and ambiant sounds, it makes for an interesting listen. My favorite track is probably Ocean Breathes Salty. Bukowski is also very lovely. A cello solo throughout adds an interesting and ironic texture to the lyrics "God who'd wanna be such an ass hole." The next track titled "This Devil's Workday" combines a howling brass section, bari sax and banjo together to create an exciting and daunting track. Overall, this album is great. Everytime I've listened to it this week (about 4 times) I've discovered something new. Whether it's a new melodic motive, or a lyric with strong political sentiments, there's always something hiding waiting to be discovered. I recomended it to anyone who's looking for a musical adventure.

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jamesatdepauw said...

A Musical Adventure? sounds like an acid trip to me...implying anything?