Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mass amounts of Mass

So it's been a mozart mass listening day. Mass K49 was written in 1768 when Mozart was twelve and it sounds like it. Very crappy piece of mass. The strings just double voices, the voice lines are very unsingable, and the melody is harmoically boring. Then Mass K192, the "little credo mass." I think this is my favorite of the ones that i've listened to today. There are a lot of motives that reapear throughout. This mass is very catchy. I always come away from listening to it humming sections of it. The Mass K317 is the "coronation mass." This mass, going along with it's title, is very regal. It has the feel of a french overature with the dotted rhythms. It has very loud ornamentation and often the voices sing in unison. The last Mass I've been studying is the Mass K427. This is Mozarts last Mass other than the requiem, and he never completed it. In this mass Mozart models his music after Handel and Bach, the two composers that he was informally studying at the time.

YAY for mass!

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