Monday, March 27, 2006

Do we do one this week?

Well, it's Spring Break but since I forgot to do mine last week I'll do it tonight just in case. I recently purchased the new cd by 10 Years entitled The Autumn Effect. This band is new and just released this new album and it is absolutely amazing. Their new hit single Wasteland has topped the charts for a few months now and I love the song. They're a fairly new age metal band and their singer has a unique voice, like a mix between Maynard from Tool and the lead singer from Earshot. They kind of sound like a mix between Breaking Benjamin and Earshot. I like them. I recently heard their new single, Half Life, on the radio and it's absolutely amazing. the entire album is very diverse and I reccomend it to everybody who likes new age rock.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Since this week I had m0st of my midterms, I did a lot less listening and a lot more stydying. I can not study in silence however, so I took advantage of of the iTunes Radio station "Whisperings." These are piano solos with no othe rvocals or instruments. This ended up being a very good idea for studying because I didn't get distraced by ther music pretty much at all. The music on "Whisperings" is very uninteresting and best compared to what we consider "elevator music." As much as I didn't want to like it, it was perfect to study to. Sometimes you just need something a little less than interesting.

The station also had the habit of playing a couple of really boring songs followed by something either well known or suprisingly entertaining. It was pretty cool to listen to the station for long enough, and just when I wanted to turn it off, a piano duet in 5/4 filled with Neopolitan chords would start playing (that actually really happened) So overall good to study to and also to zone out to... even if it's not as exciting as what we have to listen to for class.