Monday, May 08, 2006

Well I finally remembered to do this blog, which is funny because it's our last one.
This week I spent a lot of time listening to string quartets by Dvorak because I got the idea fixed in my mind that I would analyze one of these for my theory paper. This seemed like a good idea because Dvorak is one of my favorite composers and I really like string quartet, so clearly I should write a ten page paper about one.

I chose to write about Op. 96 nicknamed "The American" but I'm not going to blog about it right now because i have to get a paper out of this so I better save my thoughts. The piece I almost chse is Op. 51. This quartet is much more lengthy than Op. 96 and also much more characteristically czech. As in Dvorak's Symphony 9, Dvorak strives to capture American folk music in quartet no. 12. In quartet no. 13 (op. 51) Dvorak's nostalgia for his homeland is much more distinct because rather than trying to mix his influences in the piece he is much more grounded in the folk music of the Czech Republic.

My favorite movement is the third, "Romanze. Andante con moto" because of its lyrical melody and beautiful line that is passed from voice to voice (or instrument to instrument if you will) This work is overall very memorable in beautiful.

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