Sunday, May 07, 2006

Trisha's Recital...

It's always a little sad when a Senior does their recital as they know it is normally their last performance as a soloist at DePauw. HOwever, Trisha Wells' recital took that sadness to a new level. For reasons that I won't talk about in this blog, it was VERY hard for Trisha to be able to perform with her mom in the audience and yet it was awesome that she did.
In my opinion this recital was the BEST that I've ever heard Trisha sound. Amanda (Trisha's accompanist) was outstanding, as usual. They were very much together throughout the entire recital. The format of the repertoir was much alike any of the voice recitals, with all four of the common languages (English, German, Italian, and French). I felt that Trisha's German and French diction was especially good, and her musicality was great. Her acting was very good, however there were times when she tried to do all of her acting with her eyes rather than her entire body. The last piece of the first act that Trisha sang, Dinah's Aria - Bernstein, was beautiful and I felt that it was a GREAT piece to end with.
Trisha ended her recital with a duet from Wicked (For Good), which she sang with Sarah Fox. Before this piece began, she made an announcement to her mom that it meant the world that she was here for her last recital at DePauw. At that point, (Before the music even started) many of the people in the audience were crying. If you don't know this song from "Wicked", the words are very powerful and especially meaningful to Trisha and her life right now. Trisha began the song very beautifully, but when it was time for Sarah to come in, she couldn't do it. SHe was crying and it was very hard for her to sing. Everytime Sarah would lose it, Trish would grab her hand and sing to her. It was very sad and yet as the song went on they did hold it together and sang this piece excellent. By the end of this song about 80% of the audience was in tears or even sobbing in some cases. It was a very sad and upsetting experience, but at the same time, a VERY well done job by Trisha Wells.

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