Monday, May 01, 2006


I know this is late and I'm sorry! I just remembered that I had to do it! This weekend has been nuts!

Well, I really don't know what to write about this week since I really haven't listened to anything new. Well, except for Zombies from the Beyond. I did tech crew for that show this weekend, so I've been hearing that music non stop for the last 2 weeks with rehearsals and performances.

What a crazy musical. It's suppose to be a parody on 50's pop culture, and a cross between a really bad b-list 50's sci fi movie and b-list musical. It's actually pretty funny. There are many sexual inuendos however. But anyway, the music involved is ridiculous. You can tell is really is inspired by the 50's. Every song has a corny melody and there was only 2 pianos involved. There's a shoo-wop song called "In the Stars" which of course embodies your typical 50's ballad or sad song with even a verse spoken, there's a dance number that involves one of the main woman characters and all the men do a song and dance called "Blast off Baby" and a tap dance song called "Atomic Feet". What I found interesting was that they made the villian or the alien, Zombina, into a coloratura soprano. All of her songs were very operetic which is different.

All in all, the music was crazy and interesting with a bunch of chromatisism that drove me nuts most of the time because I felt it didn't sound right and there was quite of range of notes as well.

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