Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mozart Rocks My Face Off!

Ok, I know some people don't like Mozart, but I do! So you know I had tons of fun performing his Mass in C minor this afternoon. Not only was it a great honor and experience being a soloist, but also being able to perform it. I felt we did pretty well on it too.

I know Mozart used a lot of inspiration from Haydn (or was it Handel? I always get those two mixed up). You can tell by the way he uses pattern runs in the "Cum Sancto Spiritu" and "Osanna" movements.

Another cool thing about Mozart with this peice is how the orchestra reiterates what the chorus sings. Very much like part doubling. I think he used that to highlight certian texts and passages. The use of his text painting is wonderful.

I found my favorite movements were the "Kyrie" and "Qui tollis". "Kyrie" has such a beautiful yet tense melody and sound. Unlike most Kyrie movements I've heard which are light and simple, this one really grabs your attention. And when the soloist sings, than you get the sweet little light melody, like an angel coming out of the group to plead for them. But than it goes right back to that tense melody in the end. Than the "Qui tollis" I feel is the most intense of them all. I mean, you've got two choirs singing at once, making you not sure where to listen with the same intensity and energy if not more. And to add more tension, the orchestra plays those dotted eighths and sixteenths.

All in all, it's a beautiful peice of music and I love listening to it! (and singing it!)

Mozart definitly rocks my face off!

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