Sunday, May 07, 2006


I'm in a cynical mood right now. Very bad weekend, you know the whole deal, Michael's depressed... yadda yadda yadda....And to tell you the truth, I would've rather had a root canal than sit through the mass I saw the orchestra and chorus perform today. Nothing against the performers or anything, it just didn't tickle my fancy. I'm sure it was kind of rude that Joel Elliot and I both dozed off half way through, but I could not stay awake.
I did recognize a few things from the mass, like the terms that I learned in music history. It was also nice to have a printed transcription of the words so that you could see what people were saying. I also found it odd that both Professor Crouch and Smith wrote a commontary about performing the piece. I think that helped the audience realize the complexity of setting something like this up.
I also didn't know that there were solosits during the mass. I figured it was like people singing the kyrie, gloria, etc... but this was premiered as an actual performance piece.
The reason why I didn't like the Mozart mass was because I just really don't get entertained by vocal music. A lot of it seemed to blend together because it was all in sequence. No offense to the performers or anything (I can only imagine what you think of some of the crap that I play) but I just don't like it. The only part I enjoyed was the duet between Liz Hartnett (despite her walking stage front while the orchestra was still playing and you could hear her shoes) and another mezzo. The imitative counterpoint they sang was beautiful and really impressed me.
It was rather interesting to hear what an old-school style mass was, but I would've been more entertained to hear some Gregorian chant out of my music history book.
It also amazes me that people could be that into religion than to sit through all of that every Sunday (I may be uneducated about this, but it's a mass right? so therefore I thought it was played at the service, right?) Anyway, it was the last recital that I needed credit for and that's that folks! From now on I'll stick to Carmina Burana for my choral selection.

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