Sunday, May 07, 2006

Joel Elliot's Recital

This week I attended and participated in Joel Eliott's Senior recital on Sunday evening. As someone who enjoys a very ecclectic selection of music, I thoroughly enjoyed his recital as the collection of music was quite diverse. His first piece was a classical selection for piano and trombone. It was very modern and the harmony was quite different than what I am used to hearing. The second piece he played was on piano, and to my surprise, he is quite an accomplished pianist. The third and fourth songs were written by Joel himself and performed (and sung) by him on guitar. They were more folk-oriented and very cheery, giving the recital a nice intermission between the more difficult classical and jazz selections. The last 3 songs were straight from the real book (juju, in a sentimental mood, and nutville), and I participated in this section of the recital. It was very fun and entertaining. Thompson has very nice acoustics and we were able to jive as a combo very nicely. Overall, the performance was very different from what would normally be played at a senior recital and it was a breath of fresh air for me.

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