Sunday, May 07, 2006

Jesus Deserves ALL the Praise!

I know the title to this blog seems a bit strange...but contextually, when you realize that this is the last blog I have to write...ever...i think Jesus deserves some praise...if not all of it (lol). As much fun as i have writing these dumb things, i think I'll enjoy not having to write them much more., yeah

Last week, I said I was gonna write about the "classical music tour" i was taking...highlighting the Austrian stop I was supposed to make. Scratch that...because I wasn't all that pleased with what I heard. Instead, I'm gonna take a brief moment and talk about a little German Romantic Piece that I enjoy analyzing for this dumb paper due Wednesday: Dichterliebe (by Robert Schumann)

There are 16 movements...(i know...*cringe*...). At this point, i've gotten to about half of them, but tomorrow, I'm gonna make a HUGE push to get to the rest. I've read the texts for all of them, and am quite impressed. The cycle on the whole is about love, through the eyes of a poet (hence the name Dichterliebe ~ Poet's Love). From the beginning, the poet is happy because love has found him, but by the end, he's upset and deep in sorrow because love has left. (very sad).

The music is quite interesting, and the cycle is one of the most famous of its kind. Interesting enough, though is the fact that many of the movements are ridiculously hard to analyze, because they're so short...but we'll work on that for Wednesday!

Happy Blogging!

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