Monday, May 01, 2006

Jen Chapin is one of my favorite singers. She doesn't necessarily have a beautiful voice, but it has a really cool edgy quality to it while still being enjoyable to listen to. I also really like the lyrics to her songs because they actually have enough depth to them to make me stop and think about them. Her album Open Wide, which I listened to this week, is especially cool because it is just Jen Chapin singing and Stephen Crump playing the bass. There are no other instruments accompanying her at all. I didn't even know that this could work, but it actually does quite nicely because it adds to the pensive quality of her lyrics and the afore mentioned "edginess" in her voice. I will admit that by the time the album is over, I've gotten my fill of this particular sound, and am ready for some music with a little more texture to it than just voice and bass, but all in all this album provides a nice change of musical scenery.


Shirley U. said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Jen has a wonderful voice an the use of just bass and voice is strong and beautiful in this album. Her newest album Ready is very different and leans towrds jazz and pop and even rock in some places you can hear the new tracks on Jen's myspace page

Shirley U. said...

Ariel again - I would love to mail you a new copy of the CD if you want to further comment on it - I work for Jen and have been with her for the past 5 years - I loved your post and if you do not wish to post my comments (because I work with Jen) I totally understand. Feel free to e-mail me if you want a copy of Ready at

Thanks so much,