Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Zombies From The Beyond"

I saw "Zombies From The Beyond" on Saturday night. The singing was excellent, especially Liz Hartnett's soaring soprano. The musical is sort of a parody on 1950's sci-fi movies, and the musical achieved campiness in every facet: acting, choreagraphy, set design, light design, and sound design. The music was clearly early 50's rock-inspired: complete with tons of I-vi-IV-V progressions. Also, the instrumentation was quite interesting. It featured only two keyboards, played by Sarah Masterson and Keith Teepen. However, Keith's keyboard part was originally intended for accordion, which was the only voice he was directed to use.

The lead cast was comprised mostly of upperclassmen women and first-year student men. The men acted more as a chorus than the Zombettes, which I found interesting. My only real complaints are that the production lacked any quality tap dancing, which I know that the show is supposed to feature, and that the music lacked solos by baritone vocalists, which is the most common vocal type in rock music.


Catie said...

Harsh man...harsh :P tap dancing is in reference to whom? :P

Anonymous said...

Zombies is a fantastic show. I was in a community theater version in Wisconsin a few years ago and we sold out every show after the first weekend..