Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Wrapped Around Your Finger" by The Police

The Police are one of the most famous bands in rock history, and had one of the shortest runs in accomplishing this. Formed in the late 70's and ended in the mid 80's, The Police had an array of unique, chart-topping hits. Comprised of vocalist/bassist Sting (who's real name is Gordon Sumner), guitarist Andy Summers, and drummer Stewart Copeland, The Police created a style mixed in jazz, raggae, new wave, punk, and progressive rock.

They changed the face of pop music at the time, which inspired similar bands like The Outfield and Mr. Mister. They disbanded at the peak of their career, shortly after finishing a sold-out world tour in support of their number one album, Synchronicity. The members of the band barely got along, and Sting yearned for creating more complexly layered music. Synchronicity definitely featured the most dense arrangements in the band's history, and it also contained three top-ten hits, "Wrapped Around Your Finger," "King Of Pain," and "Every Breath You Take."

"Wrapped Around Your Finger" is unique in several ways. The beat is non-aggressive, but very strong. The chord progression is purposely repetitive to display a yearning groove, except when the song reaches a climax toward the very end. The lyrics are masterful and easily show Sting's talent for poetry. The bells in the background give the piece a bold statement. The intimacy between the bass and guitar provide a subtle tone of subdued passion. The chilled color of the drums is perfect, and the loud backbeat that is played after the climax makes the piece one of brilliance in arrangement. This song displays The Police at the height of their fame and at the end of their career as a band. Both the studio and live recordings act as time capsules of the era. They capture the cool and overwhelming sensation that The Police gave to so many people. The Police are synonymous with popular music of the 1980's. Synchronicity is the reason why. You can even see it by simply looking at the album cover.

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