Sunday, April 09, 2006

This week I decided to listen to and write about "Songs for a New World." This a musical, but it doesn't have any cohesive plot line, just the general theme of people facing life in different ways. I love listening to and singing along with this album. I would never have thought that a musical without a plot line could work very well, but the music does such an excellent job of carrying the show, that I don't even miss having a linear story to follow. In my opinion, the composer shows a lot of versitility with his music. Each song has its own sound and style. He has written a couple of hillarious character pieces for this show, one of which is sung by a very fed up Mrs. Claus. He also has some very intensely dramatic music as well as some sweetly insightful songs. It all comes together very well. One of the things I enjoy about this recording is knowing tha the composer, who was in his early twenties when he wrote the show, is playing the piano for the entire show. I think it's even cooler to listen to something if you know that the composer is taking an active role performing the music.

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