Sunday, April 16, 2006

Starsailor- On the Outside

So a friend suggested I listen to the band Starsailor, an Indie rock quartet from the UK, so here are my first impressions as I listened to their lastest album “On the Outside”:
“In the Crossfire”-same rhythm, harmonies, and instruments as Coldplay’s “Yellow”, I thought I was actually listening to Coldplay at first
“Counterfeit Life”- could not understand the lyrics, percussion too overpowering; used the same rhythm as “In the Crossfire” and do not vary the rhythms at all
“In My Blood”- drastic change in mood; does not start with the overpowering percussion and just contains a very simple 3 or 4 note melody; backups repeat the lead after every line in the refrain like in a gospel song
“Faith Hope Love”- good lyrics, lead sounds like he shouting throughout the piece, does not show a good quality to his voice and kind of painful to listen to
“Way Back Home”- uses a synthesized organ sound which makes the song unique and contains a descending bass line throughout the piece
“Keep Us Together”- call and response between soloist and backup
“White Light”- a little too repetitive of everything…lyrics, melody, rhythm, ect but the beginning shows off the soloists vocals and is a neat intro
“Jeremiah”- more laid back song with acoustic guitar and sythesizer

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