Sunday, April 02, 2006

so I took a road trip...

...and one of the cities I hit was New York.

While in NY I got the chance to see Fidelio at the Metropolitan Opera. Now you have to understand that im not a huge opera fan, but it was awesome. I bought a $20 standing room only seat and sat in the 5th row. (in my jeans and sweatshirt) The cast was awesome, the scenery was awesome, and the pit was awesome. Everything about the show was flawless. I don't think that I have ever come out of a performance of any kind without hearing flaws or other mistakes, but the show was perfect. The soloists were never out of tune, character, or time and I was sitting on the edge of my $175 seat. The pit was the same: complete perfection. Again, coming from and instrumentalists who didn't find value/appreciation in classical music until the last year and a half, I'm amazed 1) that I went to see it to begin with, but 2) because I really, thoroughly enjoyed myself. I could sit and talk about the music and how each piece was unique, but I could go on for ever and you still wouldn't get the same understanding until you go.

with that said,

Go to the Met.

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