Monday, April 24, 2006


On Friday I went to/ played for Lindsey and Kyle’s junior recital. It was an excellent program. The program switched back and forth as Lindsey would sing a set of songs and then Kyle. They began the program began with Italian pieces, then to German. After the German there was a short intermission. The second half of the program consisted of a set of French pieces and then ended with the English. I performed her one (big) musical theatre piece. It was called “I’m not afraid” by Jason Robert Brown. The main two accompanists were Amanda Hopson and John Clodfelter. They did an excellent job throughout the entire program. They did a very good job of making all of the pieces within this hour, flow into each other. The only negative things about the concert were just because the performers were nervous. John and I noticed a couple of times that Lindsey would jump in too early or skip a measure but we were able to follow her. Over all, as I know (just doing my proficiency), it is hard to keep the stamina and focus for a performance for a half an hour and they BOTH did an excellent job with the entire performance.

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