Sunday, April 23, 2006


So, Prof Speigelberg,

You missed the great opportunity to hear me sing through my proficiency Saturday morning, but that doesn't mean that I can't describe it for you for this week's edition of "blogging".

Of course, I sang the required 8 the 4 required that's not a surprise!

Ruscelletto Limpidetto (Tomaso Albinoni)
-This quick baroque piece is fun to sing. It's a nice ternary piece with little ornaments and such. I find this piece to be a good opener, because it's got a good feel to it, and it's fun to sing

Chi Sprezzando (Georges Frederic Handel)
-The second Italian piece I sang was from the Brockes-Passion. This was in contradiction to the first piece, in that it's very slow and solemn. It talks about despising the highest good accumulating sin and whatnot...but it's still a good one. An interesting fact about this piece, was that it's in 6-4 time, which is always fun to count

Ein Madchen oder Weibchen (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
-I'm too lazy to find the "oomlaut" (spelling) for this song, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. This aria is Papageno's final aria in The Magic Flute, which is light, happy and fun. One of the hardest things about this song is its strophic-ness (i.e. 3 verses that are exactly the same...with different words) that made it horrendous to memorize. All in all though, it's a good one

Standchen (Franz Schubert)
-and again...there should be an "oomlaut"...but anyway. This song is easily one of my favorites this year. in english, it means "serenade", and the whole piece is a man singing to a maiden in the window, pleading for her to come, make him happy. Even though it is in a minor key, the piece's words are romantic and positive. While this piece was my favorite, it was also one of the hardest ones, because of the re-occuring high notes. I still like that one anyway.

Mai (Gabrielle Faure)
-a fun song about springtime...I liked this one a lot. Out of all the pieces, this one was the last piece for me to learn...maybe a week and a half before proficiencies? I like Faure's music a lot, and this song is no different. It's so positive of a song!

Beau Soir (Claude Debussy)
-in contrast to the first french piece, Debussy sweeps in with his slow moving piece about appreciating the beauty in the world before we die. One of the hardest things about this piece is the accompaniment, which beats in triplets, while the melody I had to sing is in constant eighth notes. The three-versus-two aspect makes the piece melodious and awe-sounding, and that's why i like it!

With joy the Impatient Husbandman (Franz Joseph Haydn)
-the oratorio of the day, this piece is by far the most fun to perform. There's something about pulsating runs that make me happy when I'm singing. I don't know why I like runs...but there's a feeling you have when you make it successfully to the end of run that one can't explain!

Arise My love (Richard Hundley)
-to round out my proficiency, I sang a piece that Hundley adapted especially for Professor Irwin. This one is quite slow, but has a middle section where I'm free to let go and sing really loud and full (which is quite easy for me...seeing as how I'm a dramatic baratone)...but i like it anyway

So that's my proficiency!

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Scott Spiegelberg said...

One of the candidates for the voice position had to restart one song because of the strophic nature (starting on the wrong verse). So you aren't alone in feeling that that form is difficult.

It sounds like a good program.