Monday, April 03, 2006

No idea if we need to do this, but daylight savings/storm messing up my computer screwed me over

So after I get back from the craziness that was tornado-city in Greencastle, my internet on my laptop no longer works. Hoorah... So I had to find a computer to do this on, even though I'm not sure if we need to do it.

Anyway, my cd for this week is Rage Against the Machine - Battle of Los Angeles.

I love Rage, it's too bad that the lead singer was an arrogant jerk and left the band to form his own (they have yet to release something either) This was their third album release and the trend that was set with the first two still follows. The lyrics are very politcally charged and are very radical towards the government. My favorite songs are Testify and Sleep Now in the Fire. There's really no differentiation in the lyrics, but the music is different. A lot of their songs tend to sound the same, but the variety of musical styles is fairly broad. Voice of the Voiceless and Born of Broken Man are two such examples. Their styles are very simple but exhibit many different qualities of alternative music. Since there were only three other posts but mine I'm going to assume we didn't have to blog, but just in case there's mine. My mind is shot... Loathing juries... I want summer to be here. Yarg....

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