Sunday, April 30, 2006

"The Mission"

In honor of the Film Music class watching The Mission, I thought I’d blog about the movie soundtrack. Alas, I have not seen the movie, but there are awesome oboe solos in this.
The opening track, “On Earth as it is in Heaven” has a baroque feel with harpsichord, ethnic vocals and oboe. The theme played by the oboe returns in other tracks, providing continuity throughout.
“Falls” keeps with the overall African feel, considering the film is set in Africa. Strings give an aerial feel to this track, giving the sensation of being in the air.
“Gabriel’s Oboe” is essentially the oboe theme with calmer accompaniment in vocals and murky strings.
“Ave Maria Guarani” is a rendition of Ave Maria with an African twist. A capella choir provides a more formal feel to this track.
“Brothers” is a low register flute solo with harp and strings accompaniment.
“Carlotta” is a guitar solo with strings accompaniment.
“Vita Nostra” has recorder playing the “Gabriel’s Oboe” theme, very similar to “On Earth as it is in Heaven” except with recorder.
“Climb” gives a calmer feel with quiet strings. “Remorse” takes these strings and adds tension and bassoon to the texture. A high register oboe solo ends the track.
“Penance”, another track of tension, is dominated by a chromatic motive.
“The Mission” begins with a flute solo, followed by horn and strings in the Mission theme.
“River” returns the percussion and vocals from “On Earth as it is in Heaven” and develops them further, considering there is no oboe solo above them.
“Gabriel’s Oboe” makes a return visit opening with a bassoon solo and then transitioning into the oboe solo.
The remainder of the soundtrack is relatively the same, finishing with “Misere”, a child vocal solo.


Starkhyel said...

Hi. You say that “Ave Maria Guarani” is a rendition of Ave Maria with an African twist. That is incorrect. You could admit an amazonian indigenous twist. That would be correct. :) The lyrics in in Guarani and latin.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think the lyrics are entirely in Latin, although it's a
peculiar type of latin. The film is set in Paraguay, in South America.