Sunday, April 16, 2006

"Miracle World" by Adam K. Hilkert and Timothy L. Fox

This is an epic ballad written by myself and Tim Fox for our musical "CYAHPIT." This is the number where the characters Elmo and The Vandyman, our tragic hero, sing a duet. In our playwright's production, in which Tim and I are the directors, Elmo will be played by Dan Burke and The Vandyman will be played by Chris Simerman. They both start out singing the melifluous melody. Then they harmonize together on the bridge with a heavily chorded backing vocal line under them. Next, they harmonize the melodies together with contrasting lyrics, written by Tim. Finally, they end on a grand finale outro, which ends on a high 'f', sung by Elmo, which is a Counter Tenor line.

I listened to this piece over and over again while revising it in Finale, and while Tim wrote lyrics for it. The music is inspired by that of Amy Gaither-Hayes, wife of Dr. Andrew Hayes, which is the brand of light christian rock. The lyrics are permeated with innuendo and wit. Tim's charm is written all over the piece, and is altered by the clarity of yours truly. It is a smooth ride into the world of pure genius. So, make sure that you see it in live performance at the Playwright's Festival, during the first weekend in May!

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Mary Ann said...

I'm not going to lie. I almost died watching Cyahpit. It was AMAZING.
I can't wait to see it on Video DVD.