Sunday, April 09, 2006

Justin Avery-Future Father of my children!

So, I found a Justin Avery CD that I've had but never listen to so during Spring Break I popped it in the CD player and gave a I can't stop listening to it! It is AMAZING! He is a genius! Every song is so catchy and different that you can't help but sing along.

I've known Justin a long time. He graduated from my high school in like '98 I believe and attended Western Michigan University where he graduated in Jazz studies. He was apart of Gold Company there and the Gold Company Sextet. He's been working professionally as a singer, dancer, musician since he was 14. He's been writing and performing his own music since high school. His senior year, he released his first CD, "Undecided". Since then, he's released 4 other CDs with his newest released last year, (the one I've been listening to) "Whatever Comes to Mind"

His musical influences for his music have been artists such as Stevie Wonder, Prince, the Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, and Steely Dan. You can definitly hear these influences in his songs.

He has a great variety on this CD, from Jazz to Rock to R & B to Ballad. He is a very versatile performer. His lyrics are also great and at times, funny. Some of my favorites are "Mr. Amnesia", "Man in a Business Suit", "Cell City Mode", "Love on You" and "Far too Young for Me". He does all his own vocals, including background, plays piano and some guitar. His voice is to die for and so incredible! He has an amazing falsetto! He can sing higher than me!

Justin Avery is definitly the next best thing to Jazz and to contempary music today! He has such a fresh sound and wide range, you wouldn't know where to place him. He is also a huge local celebrity in my hometown of Traverse City where he grew up. Everyone knows of him. I've even worked with him a couple of times through the high school! I definitly want to have his babies! :P

I highly recommend checking out his website! They have sound clips of songs and a video of the last concert he just did called "Icons"! Check it out!

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SteveV said...

Justin Avery is amazing. I will be graduating from Western in the Computer Engineering program but started a few years ago in Jazz Studies and had the pleasure of listening to and performing with him. His talent is seamingly boundless and I certainly hope he goes far.