Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jazz Band Concert

This week the jazz ensemble had a concert with a guest trombonist Eric Zimmerman, an incredibly accomplished and talented musician. Not only was he a pleasure to play with, his technical facility on the trombone was astounding. He made the trombone sound as if it were a trumpet, hitting incredibly high registered notes. Even though he only appeared on three of the songs, he was the highlight of the production. His solo on "Night in Tunisia," (one my favorite tunes) was so gracefull and full of color. He used harmony that I would not expect a trombonist to use and held high notes to accentuate the color of the chords. My only complaint would be that he was a bit of a showboat. Although he was the most technically gifted trombonist that I had ever seen, he tried to use a bit too much flash and cliche quotes (within his solos) to capture the awe of the audience (though I must admit, I wish that I could play like him).

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derangedcultist said...

dude, the trombonist's name was Rick Simerly. how did you come up with Eric Zimmerman? silly austin, trix are for kids