Sunday, April 23, 2006

j-i-l-l s-c-o-t-t

Alright! hooray for remembering to blog two weeks consecutively.

This week...Jill Scott...She's an artist out of philadelphia and has more of a neo-soul, spoken word, r&b, jazz suppose there's a lot in there..but they all blend pretty well to create her one distinct sound and whenever you hear a Jill Scott song you know its her and not just by her voice.

There's always a strong bass line and beat to her songs that complements the way she punctuates her phrases especially when she does her light version of scat.

She's an artist that really has experimented with her voice and know how to use all the different colors of it and she uses her entire range which is impressive for a popular music artist. She does more than just belt or sing light and breathy, it's clear that every sound and tone and timbre she makes is controlled and she keeps it from falling into one category. she keeps herself from being classified as just a powerhouse ballad singer or easy listening voice or jazz singer or r&b..she can use all those.

What I think her best quality is though is that she's not afraid to use her spoken voice with music and but that on a cd. and its not cheesy like it is on most albums where they talk all low and breahty before they actually sing some sappy love song or one full of sexual innuendos. Hers is her poetry which is blended with the music so its not just someone speaking over music but it in itself is the song.

Kudos jill scott

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Divide Me, Place Me said...

Good post! I love me some Jill Scott.