Sunday, April 02, 2006

Im not really sure if we were supposed to do this this week......

But here I go....

So while I was home I went through my parents cd collection, not a whole lot worth taking there...but there were a few things. During the drive back to school I ended up listening to a John Williams cd with all his stuff from 1969-1999. I never really think much about John Williams and his compositions. After you spend your whole day getting your head stuffed full of everything from Bach to creepy Harry Partch, you really don't want to think about the music thats written for the movie you're watching.

Although we may not learn about him in 20th century lit, he really is an important composer of our time. I know people who still use the Jaws theme to help them remember a minor second. His music is great because it makes you feel something. Most of hte movies that he writes for are fantastical, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Hook,... and when you hear the music it really catches you up in the story and for the 2 hours or whatever that youre watching the movie you forget that it's not real.

I have unpacking to do. but I really think we overlook film music in general sometimes and I think John Williams is probably the best composer of film music that we have today.

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