Monday, April 17, 2006

Hmm so I'm a bit late on this one...

There were many concerts and recitals in the previous week, but I think I'll do a CD of Albinoni Concertos...yet more oboe?

Concerto for Oboe in D minor- Having worked on this concerto I know it relatively well. I really enjoy Albinoni's use of sequences in his composition, they are literally everywhere in the work. The second movement is very placid, while the third movement is in an energetic 6/8.
Concerto for Two Oboes in F major- I know everyone is thinking of that joke about getting two oboes in tune and shooting one of them right? Anyway oboe duets are incredibly vibrant and really fun to play. The two lines usually move in similar motion in arpeggios or in, of course, sequences.
Concerto for Oboe in C major- This concerto would be a good way to start a recital. This concerto is joyful, bright, yet simple. A few technical spots provide that excitement for the performer.
Concerto for Two Oboes in G major- This is one of my favorite pieces in all of the oboe repertiore, partially because of the recording I have. The first oboe enters with a sparkling scale, followed by the second oboe in echo. The two lines then intertwine to form a contrapuntal network of echos and sequences.
Concerto for Oboe in B-flat major- Common to Albinoni's concerti, this one has a jubilant first movement followed by an adagio in minor. The work ends with a triple meter allegro, most likely to please the audience with a dance-like movement.

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