Sunday, April 16, 2006

Final Concerto Concert


The final concerto competition was last Wednesday- congrats to all the winners!!! The concert was amazing.
Started with Nathan playing Beethoven. He did quite well, I was impressed. See Keith for further comments.

Stacey sang a piece in English! which was nice. The piece was amazing. I got goosebumps. literally. The piece was called "Ain't it a pretty night" and I immdiately noticed that Stacey's dress was like the night too! I thought that was a very mood-inspiring touch, whether she meant to do that or not.

Ann Marie played Medellsohn's piano concerto in g minor. This piece was the one i was most familiar with for two reasons: 1. Keith played it last year and 2. I accompanied Ann Marie for the preliminaries and finals. She played amazingly. Talking to her afterwards, we were reminisicing about all the rehearsals we had and the story line we made up for the piece. I could tell she was really in the zone until this one scale she missed a few notes and it threw her off for a measure or two. But she got right back on. WOO ANN MARIE!

Keith played the same concerto that Nathan did. They both played it very well, and it never ceases to amaze me how the same piece can be interpreted so differently. I was upstairs listening to Keith warm up/ play through everything/ freak out 15 minutes before the conert started. There was one particular part in the cadenza that I thought Keith played really well. Maybe it was just because hearing it with Nathan, I didn't like the interpretation he had as much, but there's a part in the left hand that jumps around a lot. Keith plays it with a lot of bounce and it puts much more energy into the piece.

Liz sang a beautiful German song. I think her stage presence is superior to most other vocalists here. She takes the character of her piece very strongly and it really engages the audience. Even if they dont understand what she's saying.

Brett closed the concert with Gershiwn. His piece reminded me of video game music- pretty freaking cool. It was a lot harder to hear the piano over the orchestra in this concerto and that was a little disappointing. But the parts that could be heard (which was the majority of the piece) really did remind me of a video game. I really liked it.

All in all, concertos rock. and I'm rather disappointed that I wont be here next year. But oh wait, I'll be in Vienna. That makes it ok.

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