Sunday, April 16, 2006

Evelyn Glenni - Greatest Hits

For those of you who dont now who Evelyn Glennie is, she is one of the most widely known mallet soloists of rour current day. The thing that is the most amazing... is she's legally deaf!!! I've been listening to her Greatest Hits CD quite regularly lately because I've played a few of the songs on this CD and it's always nice to hear them being played.... correctly. Some of the key songs that I suggest you listen to are Rhythm Song (song I auditioned at DPU with), Flight of the Bumblebee, Marimba Spiritual, and the finale of my sophomore jury, MICHI!! Her performane of Michi is absolutely amazing. She takes full advantage of the composers marks to improvise on the given melody, and what she is able to do with the acoustics and harmonies on the marimba is aboslutely mind boggling. I've been able to figure out some of the things that she is doing and I've incorporated them into my own performance of the piece. As well, rhythm song is hauntingly melodic... yet again it's amazing how she can judge the level of volume she's playing at when she's deaf. Evelyn Glennis is an amazing musician and my hat goes off to her for all that she has achieved. I strongly suggest you listen to a few of her songs from this album and really keep in mind that she's deaf... You'll be absolutely amazed.

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Scott Spiegelberg said...

A funny story: a friend teaching a music theory class had assigned a composition project. One of the students turned in a piece that ended up being a composition by Ms. Glennie. My friend discovered it by accident, as he was researching a different project. Now that is blatant plagiarism!