Sunday, April 16, 2006

Emily German...

On Saturday April 15th, Emily German gave an excellent recital, accompanied by Stephanie Gurga. Her program (aboout an hour long) consisted of works by Pergolesi, Brahms, Debussy and Korngold. It was quite obvious that Emily and Stephanie spent a lot of time together as all of their entrances and endings were right together.
As an accompanist myself, I was really listening to Stephanie and she was doing an excellent job. Her musicality through-out the entire recital was amazing, and her voicing was also incredible. At many times I felt that Stephanie was into the music more than Emily. Unfortunately, that was one down fall of Emily's. Many times throughout the concert it seemed as though she did not want to be there. She was very quick to begin and end all of the pieces and she just didn't seem to really be into them. This obviously could be nerves, but it just seemed that she was not very enthused to be there or about the repertoir.
My favorite piece of the recital was the Sonata in G minor by Debussy. I felt that this was by far the most musical piece of the entire recital and Emily and Stephanie were working very well together on this piece. Overall I thought this was a great recital I just thought that Emily could be a little happier to be there!

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