Sunday, April 30, 2006

choosing new rep

Well now that proficiencies are thankfully finished, I got to begin looking at new repertoire for the summer and next semester. I spent about 2 hours listening to different pieces (thanks to Naxos) last night and found some really good stuff.

The pieces that I chose, (after listening to many) include: Brahms Op. 118 Intermezzo in A major (I believe this was on a quiz earlier in the semester...), Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 3, Rachmaninov Etude- Tableaux, Op. 33, No. 9, and Chopin Nocture No. 5 in F# major.

I've wanted to play this Brahms intermezzo since the first time I heard it and every time afterwards. I can't say anything else about it other than it's probably one of the most beautiful piano pieces I have ever heard.

I chose this Beethoven sonata for a few reasons. Firstly, it begins in C major (that's an easy key to play in...). Secondly, I like the statement the FTA makes. Finally, I also want to do one of the Beethoven sonatas that not all the other piano majors have done (AnnMarie is the only one that's done this one since I've been here).

Listening to Rach is always extremely enjoyable and I've found that I especially like the Etudes- Tableaux. This one is my favorite.

Finally, the Chopin Nocturne balances out the C major Beethoven Sonata being in F# major (also assisted by the C# minor Etude-Tableaux). This nocturne is also more jazzy and playing the Bennett, I've found that I really enjoy playing in that style more and more.

Of course, all these have to be approved by the higher up (Dr. May Phang) but if I work on them now or later, I'm just excited to get new repertoire period!!!

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