Sunday, April 09, 2006

Byron Stripling...

I went to indy today to hear one of the greatest trumpeters alive today: Byron Stripling. He played with ensembles from purdue, the concert was a tribute to new orleans, they did mostly american songbook and louis armstrong tunes. I don't know what im going to write because his playing made me speechless. His attack, tone, charisma, flexibilty, technique, and his singing isn't half bad either. He played louis armstrong on broadway in the show "satchmo" and so he has his louis impression and trumpet playing down perfectly. There was a portion of the 2 hour concert that just the choir and the glee club sang doing old show tunes and I couldn't sit still because there were a bunch of squares on stage that probably have never heard frank sinatras version of "I've got you under my skin" before they did the concert this afternoon....and if they did, then they didn't listen very closely because it was way too stiff and almost operatic. Once byron got back on the stage, I couldn't do anything but sit in awe of his performance; I couldn't move a muscle in my body. There was a point during the louis armstrong medley (during "what a wonderful world") That I almost started tearing up. I couldn't believe it. I haven't been so inspired and in awe at a concert in a very, very long time. Sorry I have to cut this blog short, but I was so inspired to practice after this concert that I can't sit here any longer, I have to go play.


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