Sunday, April 09, 2006

Brent Mason: Hot Wired

This week I listened to a CD created by a studio guitarist who works out of nashville. He is actually good friends with Sandy Williams, which is how I was originnally introduced to him.
The CD starts out with a bang with a track called Hot Wired. It is bluegrass oriented song, playing off the I and IV chord throughout the entirety of the piece. It actually sounds very country-esque but is very technical in nature. The artists on this track (especially the piano and guitar) have incredible technical facility.
The second track is a jazzy version of a 12 bar blues with a I VI ii V turnaround and a few other alterations. It's a great track and really displays Brent's incredible facility and knowledge of the neck. He is very quick and definitely can play jazz. I especially like the piano solo, which is very up beat and makes me think that I am in some pub down south listening to jazz oriented bluegrass (with a little country influence). I can't put a finger on the exact style of this music, but I like it.
The CD definitely shows off Brent's incredible talent and versatility throughout different styles of jazz/country. The Fifth track is a very hip swing with a sound similar to "you've got a friend like me" from the movie toy story, except without the vocals.
The rest of the CD consists of more instrumental guitar-based songs ranging from smooth jazz to nifty renditions of old folk songs. Overall I was quite pleased and hope to actually steal some licks from Brent, as he is an incredible musician. As a guitarist I am quite impressed with the CD and most likely will be listening to the CD for awhile. If others were to listen to the CD, they may not find as much interest but to me this was defnintely my bag.

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