Sunday, April 09, 2006

Avenged Sevenfold!!!

I have fallen in love with a new rock/punk from New Orleans! Avenged Sevenfold has been around since the late nineties but their new album, City of Evil, is absolutely amazing. First off, just listening to some of the crap their drummer doe is intimidating. I can only imagine how fast his chops are, because this guy goes crazy throughout the cd. The first song that I heard, Bat Country, pretty much sold the album for me. The entire song is extremely fast and extremely busy. Seriously, the drummer switches up the style so much it's almost funny to think of the ideas that were going through his head when he was making up the part for it. Plus, flashback- the guitar solo sounds seriously like something out of the Nintendo game, F-Zero (that's right, old school Nintendo!) Beast and Harlot takes the same theme, and so does my other favorite song, Trashed and Scattered. I can only imagine what these guys are like live, I'm sure the crowd is an 'aggressive one' to say the least. The album isn't all hard rock stuff, the song Seize the Day is a little more low-key and is semi-balled-esque. I suggest if you like bands like AFI, Green Day, or 10 Years to download or buy this cd. Plus, if you have a cell phone where you can download ringtones to download the clip from Bat Country. I did and it makes me happy to get phone calls now because I get to hear a little of this awesome song.

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