Monday, April 24, 2006

as the perfect conclusion to my weekend....i forgot my blog..

sooo here i go. Sine this was a rough weekend I spent a good portion of it listening to the Beatles. My Beatles playlist is about 11 hours long...

So I don't think I could ever have a favorite Beatles song because there's just too many. but some that I really like came on.

Martha My Dear: This one's off the White Album. I like it mostly because of the "honkey-tonk" style of the piano.

I'm Looking Through You: From Rubber Soul probably comes close to being a true favorite. Again, it's not the happiest of lyrics but the music is upbeat. I think I like these just because they're different...but not acid tripped out different.

Real Love: Real Love is from the second anthology set. John wrote it sitting at his piano back in 79 I think using just an 8 track. After recording Free as a Bird they found this track and remastered it and had Paul help fill in the weak spots in the tape. It's a little ironic that he's singing about finding "real love"and after his death his old bandmates are finishing the song about the love that caused them to break up in the first place

okay I'm done...sorry it's not the best blog ever....

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