Monday, April 24, 2006

311 - Live

Great CD.... 311 is a punk rock band from Omaha, Nerbraska... and are surprisngly proud of it. In fact, one of their songs is even named after Omaha (Omaha Stylee, which is a pretty cool song) It's especially weird since one of the members is Mexican. Anyway, this CD is a live recording of one of their tours when they played in New Orleans... when it still existed. Much of the album is taken from the four CDs previously recorded to this. Probably the most amazing song on the cd is "Applied Science" which features a 5 minutes drum solo by their drummer, Chad Sexton. Sexton was a member of the Cavalier Drum and Bugle Corps after he graduated high school and this song really shows off his talent as a drummer. His style is very clean and uses a lot of bass drum. Every fill and beat is so rhythmically clean it's a really cool style to listen to. Needless to say, the common crowd of 311 is mostly stoners... I hate to admit it but it's true. So the last few songs are a bit more mellow as the contact highs set in to the entire audience... I kid... not really but hey, god bless liberal culture.
311 is pretty cool to listen to, they kinda sound like a mix between rock and punk music with a little bit of influence from Sublime. You should definately listen to some of their other albums to, earlier stuff is better though, now they're starting to become sell outs. Boo!

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