Sunday, March 19, 2006


Im not one to usually post on music school concerts, but tonight's performance by Matthias Ziegler blew me away. In his performance, ziegler included many different types of flutes including the contrabass flute and a flute he has been developing himself. All of his pieces were original compositions except for his encore, Well you Needn't by Thelonius Monk. He was able to get songs out of the flute that I've never heard before. To do this, he put microphones on the inside of the flute so that we could hear the little nuances that a floutist is trained not to let sound such as air and key stomps. Not only did he mic the instruments, but he had a looping device as well so that he could play and record something and then play over his loop, and then play over that...etc. He says that there is a whole orchestra within a flute and after tonight I certainly believe it. He manipulated sounds by singing pitches while playing others (making chords), using an almost "beat box" type style of tounge and percussion, and also by using his new instrument which combines the mouthpiece of a flute with a vibrating membrane.

I still cannot get over the sound and style of this concert, if I could've afforded a $15 cd, I would bring it to class...but sorry, AJ is poor.

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Katie said...

I'm pretty sure the cd is in the library. Anne had us all listen to it for our midterm last semester so it could have been her copy that she put on reserve. I'm sure if you asked her though she'd let you borrow it.