Sunday, March 05, 2006


Austin Johnson
This week I listened to a random selection of jazz tunes from my Ipod. The first tune to pop up was a version of "Joe's Blues" with Kenny Burrell and Wes Montgomery. The form of the song is based upon a 12 bar blues with a few alterations (mainly a III, vi, ii, V, turnaround). It featured guitar throughout the entire track and was very energentic. The conversation between the guitars was quite elequent as they traded lines towards the end of the tune.
The second tune I listened to was a Dizzy Gillespie version of "A Night in Tunisia," one of my favorite tunes. Thoughout the recording is old and somewhat scratchy, the music is still incredible. Dizzy's chops amaze me along with his ability to create such fluid lines within the chord changes. The use of the harmonic minor and melodic minor scales was very frequent within this cut.
Another track that came up was "Yardbird" suite done by the Maynard Ferguson big band. Being a huge fan big band music, this track stuck out in my mind. The energy and dynamics of the band were very emotional and synchronized. I have always felt as if it has been somewhat of a tragedy that big bands have become so few and far between. Maynard Ferguson's band is one of the few that is still performing at a professional level.
Overall I was quite pleased with the selections that were randomly chosen. Mostly jazz and other various ecclectic pieces, I was able to sit back and enjoy the music at an aesthetic level.

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