Sunday, March 19, 2006

Songs for Athene-Chamber choir concert

“Lay a Garland”- a piece in eight parts by Robert Pearsall, full of melismas and very polyphonic; ends on a PAC

John Tavener pieces:
“The Lamb”- I don’t think there was a time signature; the rhythm was based on the text.
It was a really neat piece where the sopranos sung the first phrase and then the altos sang with them in an inversion of the first phrase. The third phrase that the sopranos sang was in retrograde.
“Funeral Ikos”- much of this piece was in unison, the words are very important, but depressing
“As One who has Slept”- about the resurrection of Christ
“Song for Athene”- sung at Princess Diana’s funeral was beautiful. The basses were a drone throughout the piece and the rest had simple melodic, but it was very dramatic. This piece also didn’t contain a time signature.

“He will Gather us Around”- this Jake Heggie piece stood out in the program for it contained very jazzy rhythm and harmonies

“A Prayer for the Captive”- This was a traditional Shaker hymn which Prof. Edberg improvised on his cello, it gave me goosebumps

The program as a whole was remarkable, but very somber and the lighting changes in Thompson made the pieces very dramatic.

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