Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rantings After a Night of Theory From Hell

I went to the University Chorus concert today. First of all, congrats to all the participants. You guys sounded pretty good! The concert consisted of four works by Mozart (fitting since it is the 250th anniversary of his birth- which Prof. Crouch also remarked on), a piece by Jake Heggie- for soprano section, a piece for the men's choir, and then three pieces transcribed for choir. From the first half of the concert, I enjoyed the Mozart piece that featured a live oboe. Steven Maijala. The piece was called Quis de Comprehendat. Steven sounded amazing. The oboe sound just floated above the choir.

The second half of the concert took on a different tone. The women's choir sang the Jake Heggie piece that they performed when he was in residency here. The men's choir sang a piece about Captain Morgan... which was rather funny but I thought was more of an easy filler than anything else- in unison, etc. Kudos to them for doing it memorized though. It made me laugh. Finally, the last three transcribed pieces were really good. They were all done a capella and had a rather nostalgic feel. The Battle of Jericho was my favorite piece of the whole concert. It featured each of the different sections- including Ralph with the tenor section, was more upbeat, with a catchy rhythm, and had weird disonant chords that were sustained. Very cool.

Again, nice work all you choir people.

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jamesatdepauw said...

i think you're just mad and nostalgic because you gave up the miss it!