Sunday, March 05, 2006


alright...i'll list the song..give a few comments and go from there....mkay
1) Caruso - Andrea Bocelli. Alright, so it's not the most trained voice and he gets a lot of flack for not being trained and having a funky timbre and technique at times, but this song is absolutely amazing for him. it's just at that point in his range where you can feel the utmost intensity in his sound and it doesnt sound easy but it's still pleasant to listen to. and the piano tremolos done at the octaves are so's fabulous
2) The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - lauryn hill. the song really is great because of lauryn's vocal and her lyrics. It's very "pop"ish in that the accompaniment is mainly chord chord chord, but its accompanied by rolling scales and arpeggios on a soft organ and it lends to and supports the deep emotion of the song espeically when the melody splits at one point and she's dueting with herself until the end.
3) Waiting on an Angel - Ben Harper. He's not the best vocalist, or a overly skilled guitar player, but the beauty is in the simplicity. It's acousitc and soft and the vulnerablility really reaches the audience. It's sung like a low soft sincere prayer.
4) Check on It - Beyonce. ....what to say? it's a good song to dance too! dont know what it has to do with the pink panther..but hey...everyone needs a song that has absolutely no meaning that they can just cut loose to.....
5) Ain't no Sunshine - Bill Withers. it's just a bittersweet song that has a rather good blend of soul and classical strings
6) Like You - Lil' Bow wow feat. Ciara. For whatever reason I feel the need to defend myself when songs like this come a good song...and thats all i'm gonna say
7) The Scientist - Coldplay. it's just pop chords again, but they support such a beautiful, memorable melody and lyrics, and very softly and slowly strings pedal tone under it all. then the piano drops out and it becomes acoustic guitar and drums over the strings...and back up vocals come in the second half of the second just builds in intensity..and its a wonderful song
8) Gimmie That - Chris Brown. ..again...good song...
9) Whatta Man - Salt-N-Peppa. Throw back to the eaaarrrlllyyy 90's...awesome song..made the phrase "you so crazy; i think i wanna have yo' baby" popular
10) Untitled - D'Angelo. I dont think it would be appropriate to discuss this song should really be experienced first hand...while watching the music video if lucky enough
11) Change is gonna Come - acousitc with piano..just gaving degraw and his raspy scratchy voice belting it out...great moment in music

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